Early Packets/Registration
Fleet Feet Greenville
635 Augusta Street
Nov. 18, Noon – 7:00PM
Race Day Packets/Registration
Timmons Arena
Furman University
Nov. 19, 6:00AM – 7:30AM
Paris Mountain 20K Start
Shi Center
Furman University
Nov. 19, 7:30AM
Mountain Goat 10K Start
Shi Center
Furman University
Nov. 19, 7:30AM
Flatlander 5K Start
Timmons Arena
Furman University
Nov. 19, 8:00AM
Awards Ceremonies
Timmons Arena
Furman University
Nov. 19, 9:00AM – 10:00AM



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How do I register?

All registration is online at You may register with credit card, cash or check at Friday packet pick up. You may also register on race day but we only accept cash or check. Sorry, there is no mail-in registration.

Is there a time limit for the Paris Mountain Road Warrior 20k?

Yes. There is a time limit of 3 hours or 14:29 per mile pace for the Paris Mountain Road Warrior 20k.

What do I receive with my race entry?

All participants get high-quality technical shirts. Paris Mountain 20k runners get finisher’s medals. Paris Mountain 10k runners get mugs with the new PMRR Mountain Goat logo.

Can I get a refund, deferral, transfer or switch events?

Sorry we don’t allow refunds or deferrals. Yes, we do allow transferring your entry to another person and switching events. To TRANSFER and/or SWITCH races, please follow these steps: LOG ON at, go to your “Profile”, and click on “My Registered Races” in the the menu at the bottom. You should see Paris Mountain Road Race listed, then click on “VIEW/EDIT REGISTRATION”. The next screen gives you the option to transfer your entry to another person or switch events. NOTE: WE WILL ONLY ALLOW TRANSFERRING OR SWITCHING RACES UP TO MIDNIGHT ON NOVEMBER 12.

Can I register on race day?

Yes, you may register on race day up as long as you do it at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND PRE-REGISTERING TO GUARANTEE YOUR SHIRT AND/OR SOUVENIR!

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, for groups of 15 or more. Please contact the race director for instructions.

How do I receive my Greenville Track Club member discount?

Simply register at (using your GTC member username and password) and you will automatically receive the GTC member discount when you register. If you have any questions, please email the event director using the contact form on this website.


When will the results be posted?

Unofficial results will be posted in Timmons Arena, shortly after the race. Official results will be posted on the timing company’s website and on this website as soon as they are available (which usually takes several hours but sometimes takes up to 24 hours).

Who do I contact with questions about the results?

Please check the official results once they are posted on the timing company’s website or this website. Often, any mistakes have been identified and corrected by that time. If a problem still exists, contact the race timing company (contact information will be shown on the timing company’s website and on the RESULTS page of this website).

Are awards based on GUN TIME or CHIP TIME?

All awards are based on GUN TIME. Therefore, if you’re a competitive runner, please move toward the front at the start line.

Do you offer prize money?

Sorry we don’t offer any prize money, but we have cool finisher medals and awards.

What are the categories for the awards?

Awards will be presented to the top three males and females in the following age-groups: 14-under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, and 75-over. Awards are also given out to the top three males and females in the Open, Master, and Grandmaster categories. There is no “doubling up”, so if a participant wins a Master’s award, they are not eligible for an age-group award. NOTE: THE 20K DOES NOT OFFER A 14-UNDER CATEGORY. PARTICIPANTS MUST BE 15 OR OVER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE 20K.


Where can I get accurate maps of the courses?

The maps shown on the COURSES page are current but subject to change due to construction or by request of authorities.

Are the courses hilly?

The Road Warrior 20K and Mountain Goat 10K are extremely hilly. Most people don’t have as much of an issue with the uphills as with the downhills on the 20K course. The 10K course was created to give runners a hilly and challenging run without as many knee-jarring downhill descents as the 20K course. On the other hand, the Flatlander 5K is a relatively flat courses and are well suited for runners who prefer cruising versus climbing.

Are there any restrooms on the courses?

Restrooms are located at the start lines and finish lines for all races. The 20K will have a portable restroom at the bottom of Paris Mountain. The 5K course has restroom facilities at mile 2.0 and mile 2.5.

Where are the water stops on the courses?

There will be 3 water stops on the 20K – roughly at mile 3.2, mile 6.8, and mile 9.5. There will be 1 water stop on the 10K – roughly at mile 3.5. The 5K will have 1 water stop at mile 1.5.


What's going on after the event?

There is plenty to do after the race. Return to Timmons Arena for refreshments, including delicious sandwiches provided by Jersey Mike’s Subs.  By all means, stick around for the awards and giveaways!

When and where will the awards be given out?

The awards will given out at Timmons Arena. The tentative schedule for awards is:

  • Flatlander 5K – 9:00am
  • Mountain Goat 10K – 9:30am
  • Paris Mountain 20K, 2016 RRCA State Championship – 9:45am

What happens if you have to cancel the event?

If we have to cancel the event due to severe weather, emergencies, or other safety issues, we will not give refunds but will offer discounts for next year’s race. T-shirts and souvenirs will be given out to all registrants, or put at a location where registrants can pick them up at their convenience.

Can I participate with a baby jogger or stroller?

Running with a baby jogger or walking with a baby stroller is prohibited on the 20K or 10K courses, but OK  5K course. Please start toward the back and yield the right-of-way to faster runners.

Can I run with my dog, or bring my pet inside the Arena?

Sorry, no (non-service) dogs or pets are allowed on the race courses or inside the arena.

Where can I pick up my award or leftover shirt?

Unclaimed shirts and awards will be taken to RUN IN at 1942 Augusta Street. They will be available for you to pick up starting on Wednesday morning (Nov. 23), and will be kept on the premises for around six weeks. Later they will disappear to the backroom at GTC headquarters, the donation box at Goodwill, or the huge junk pile at the race director’s house. Sorry, we don’t mail out leftover awards or shirts.